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posted by TrueNorth Events on Friday, July 23, 2021

Crash Preventability Programs - The many benefits of determining preventability.

Many carriers are hesitant to develop crash preventability determination programs for fear of potential liability or the lack of bandwidth to manage one. But now that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established an official program of their own, many carriers are giving it a second thought.

During this webinar we walked through the benefits and drawbacks of establishing a program and the details of the FMCSA determination program.

Key take-a-ways:

  • Details on FMCSA's crash preventability program, including which crashes are eligible and what documents you'll need
  • A discussion on internal crash preventability determination programs
  • The carrier and driver benefits and drawbacks of using these programs
  • Carrier best practices for crash preventability determination programs
  • Where to find resources that can help

Click below to view the recording of the webinar.

  Click here to view the recording  


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