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The human element is the most common cyber threat vector; it was the root cause of 82% of data breaches.
(Source: Verizon's "2022 Data Breach Investigations Report")

TrueNorth’s team of cyber specialists is comprised of the expertise of insurance technicians with the knowledge and resources of IT security consultants to help our clients transfer cyber risk, reduce the likelihood of a breach, and increase post-breach resilience.

Impact Story

State University of Iowa Foundation / University of Iowa Center for Advancement

Amid a hardening cyber insurance market, the University of Iowa Center for Advancement (UICA) found themselves in a situation familiar to many other organizations at renewal time: working through a difficult and time-consuming technical questionnaire, strict underwriting requirements with crucial coverages being lowered or even excluded, and the potential for a large premium increase. Upon engaging TrueNorth’s Cyber Solutions team for assistance, a plan was set into action. 


Our dedicated Cyber Specialists offered clarity and resources to help UICA prioritize the necessary security controls and strategies for a positive outcome. The team then advocated for UICA in the insurance marketplace using industry expertise and benchmarking tools, ultimately delivering a customized insurance policy that UICA could be confident in. Saving time and spending less on cyber insurance made a significant impact, but the partnership continued after the renewal process. While strengthening their formal Incident Response Plan, UICA called on TrueNorth’s cyber team to secure the involvement of one of the nation’s top cybersecurity law firms and breach coaches as an additional line of defense to prepare for 2023 and beyond.

“TrueNorth’s team was hugely instrumental throughout the cyber insurance process and beyond. From talking through our fears of the current marketplace to offering detailed assistance with complex applications to securing renewal options that were fair and timely, it was very easy to recognize TrueNorth’s value and the benefits received from their professionalism. We also can’t brag enough about TrueNorth’s customer service and their ability to keep this complex industry approachable. We are grateful for their continued partnership!”   

-Diane Brownlee, Vice President for Legal, the University of Iowa Center for Advancement

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