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Personal Solutions: A Plan for the Unprecedented

Home and auto insurance are often purchased with the hope that these policies are never used - and as a result, the insurance industry is renowned for prioritizing price at the expense of coverage, quality and service.

Our philosophy is different - we are here to prepare you for the unexpected. We are also here to support you if the unfortunate occurs. While cost does matter, the best possible outcome for you and your family after suffering a loss serves as our compass. 

Our approach rang true in Colorado. On New Year's Eve of 2021, a devastating "forest fire within a metropolis" now known as the Marshall Fire ravaged the northern suburbs of Denver, Colorado. Over 1,000 homes were destroyed with hundreds more damaged. This unprecedented event spotlighted our approach: 

  1. Risk Profile = Advise & Architect 
    Resulted in appropriate coverage levels to rebuild in times when labor shortages and building supplies drove construction costs exorbitantly high.  
  2. Communication & Accessibility
    Our colleagues went to immediate work, actively contacting potentially impacted clients via email and mobile phone. We even launched a social media campaign to reach families that may have lost connectivity. 
  3. Advocacy
    Throughout the rebuilding efforts, our teams have collaborated with clients, insurance companies, their contractors and local municipalities to navigate the claims, increased construction costs, backlogs for permits and inspections, as well as changes in building codes. 

Together, we architect and implement solutions so you're equipped to successfully navigate the unexpected. We face the unfortunate situation together and work to get you back on the track you were on before your loss occurred. 


1,352 personal risk reviews conducted in 2022. During the review process, our Personal Solutions Specialists examine each policy to identify possible gaps in coverage and advise our clients on a plan that protects them on their journey through life. 

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