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Honoring Our Truck Driver Veterans: A Tribute to Their Service and Safety

posted by TrueNorth Transportation on Monday, November 13, 2023

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Honoring Our Truck Driver Veterans: A Tribute to Their Service and Safety

As we reflect on Veterans Day, TrueNorth would like to take the time to honor and express our gratitude to all the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces to protect our freedom and way of life. Truck driver veterans, with their dedication, commitment, and sacrifice, are not only crucial to our economy but also instrumental in maintaining our safety on the road. These veterans have served their country with honor, and now they continue to serve by transporting goods that keep our nation running smoothly.

Veterans Make Up 10% of Professional Drivers*

One of the top industries that hire veterans is the transportation industry. Veterans are no strangers to commitment and discipline. Their military service instills qualities such as punctuality, reliability, and a strong work ethic – all of which are essential in the trucking industry.

In the trucking industry, safety is crucial. Veterans who are professional drivers are well-versed in the importance of following procedures and maintaining a high standard of safety. Their discipline and dedication to safety not only protects their cargo, but also contributes to the overall well-being of all road users.

As we express our gratitude to all veterans, let us not forget the veterans who continue to serve our nation by ensuring the safe and efficient transport of goods. It is our responsibility to honor their service and support their efforts in upholding the highest safety standards on our roads. So, as you pass a truck on the highway, take a moment to acknowledge the truck driver inside, especially if they are a veteran, and thank them for their service and dedication to keeping our economy moving. TrueNorth is proud to support and protect many drivers, including veterans, in their safety on the road each and every day.


* Drivers Resource Center, May 2023

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