TNTruck meets Independent Contractors where they are, all from the palm of their hand! Say hello to simplified and paperless quotes, coverage enrollment, management and renewals.

Motor carriers can utilize TNTruck to enroll independent contractors in coverage - ensuring compliance and increasing driver retention and recruitment.

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Independent Contractors

Benefits to Independent Contractors include:

✅ Fast & easy quotes for Insurance
✅ Paperless enrollment
✅ Manage drivers
✅ Certificate downloads anytime
✅ Electronic signatures
✅ Simplified renewals
✅ Manage units
✅ 24/7 access to your policy information


Does this cost anything?
No, TNTruck is free for drivers!

Do I have to download the app to access TNTruck?
No! If you'd prefer to not download the app, you can access TNTruck on a mobile or desktop browser. Click here to log in.

Can I download my certificates on TNTruck?
​Yes! You can download your certificates anytime, anywhere on TNTruck.

Motor Carriers

Benefits to motor carriers include:

✅ Synchronized data in real-time between your firm, contractors, insurance company, and TrueNorth
✅ Documentation of the full driver experience
✅ More efficient relationship management with your drivers
✅ Maximized risk management structure
✅ Ability to provide resources to drivers on the app
✅ Improved onboarding and retention efforts

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As a motor carrier, what can I do in TNTruck?
TNTruck will make your relationship with drivers more efficient while maximizing your risk management structure. 

TNTruck allows you to synchronize data in real time between your firm, contractors, the insurance company and TrueNorth. You'll also save more time by documenting the entire driver experience from initial contact in the fully integrated platform. Additionally, you can add firm-specific resources to the platform that Independent Contractors can access at any time, like safety manuals and who to contact when filing a claim.

How will this help the renewal process?
TNTruck utilizes electronic signatures, making the enrollment process paperless. The platform also leads to a simplified renewal process, as Independent Contractors can print certificates directly from the app.

How can I get Independent Contractors set up in TNTruck when they join and need to enroll in coverage?
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