TrueNorth Companies Announces Exclusive Partnership with Haul to Revolutionize Final Mile Industry Solutions

posted by TrueNorth Transportation on Thursday, January 4, 2024

(Cedar Rapids, Iowa, January 2024) – TrueNorth Companies, a leader in risk management solutions for transportation companies, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Haul, the premier modern fleet risk management platform. This exclusive collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the Final Mile industry, providing innovative solutions beyond insurance to address critical challenges faced by businesses in this sector.

The Final Mile industry grapples with operational inefficiencies, high equipment rental volumes, interchange agreements, and other complexities that hinder seamless operations. TrueNorth's partnership with Haul aims to transform the landscape by introducing unique, comprehensive solutions that go beyond traditional insurance offerings.

Industry Challenges Addressed:

  1. Seamless Tracking and Reporting: No method to seamlessly track and report contract carrier vehicles, leading to operational delays and duplicative costs.
  2. Visibility and Verification: Lack of visibility and verification creates risk management issues for 3PLs in the white glove threshold delivery space.
  3. Insurance Limitations: Insurance companies restrict coverage to scheduled auto policies, leading to increased claims denial and rising insurance costs.

TrueNorth’s Response:
Through this groundbreaking partnership, TrueNorth Companies gains the capability to provide FMCSA/DOT managed compliance services to Contract Carriers, monitor compliance in real-time, and deploy OCR technology for vehicle reporting and tracking. TrueNorth's Final Mile Practice Leader, Peter Berg, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "As a leader in risk management, TrueNorth is thrilled to join forces with Haul. This collaboration enables us to provide comprehensive compliance services to our Final Mile partners, revolutionizing industry solutions beyond insurance."

Haul's Role:
Haul, a modern fleet risk management platform, simplifies compliance, safety & risk management for commercial fleets. Haul’s end-to-end platform leverages AI to unify the compliance and safety management across a fleet’s driver vehicle and equipment. Reflecting on this mission, the CEO of Haul states, "At Haul, our mission is to simplify fleet risk management. Our partnership with TrueNorth aligns perfectly with this goal. Together, we're excited to introduce end-to-end compliance, safety & risk solutions, shaping the future of the Final Mile industry."

TrueNorth Companies and Haul are excited about the future possibilities this partnership unlocks for the Final Mile industry. By combining TrueNorth's industry expertise with Haul's cutting-edge risk platform, the collaboration will help drive operational excellence, mitigate risks, and deliver unparalleled value to transportation companies.

About TrueNorth
TrueNorth Companies L.C. is a risk management and insurance brokerage firm with a nationally recognized transportation industry focus. TrueNorth’s mission is to assist transportation companies and their people with protecting and maximizing assets, resources and opportunities. Based in Cedar Rapids, IA, with offices in Iowa, Illinois and Colorado, TrueNorth has over 500 colleagues located across the nation. Learn more at

About Haul
Haul is a modern fleet risk management platform that simplifies the compliance, safety & risk management of commercial fleets. By unifying fleet data across business applications and leveraging AI, Haul streamlines compliance, safety & risk management across a fleet’s drivers, vehicles & equipment. Learn more at


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