Is your organization's legacy intact?

DID YOU KNOW? | 98% of private businesses offer annual bonus plans and yet only 10% of CEOs believe their bonus plans are effective.

TrueNorth Legacy Solutions is focused on assisting business owners and leaders with solving elusive problems that threaten the long term viability of a business. Our team offers valuable capabilities that help you protect your assets and maximize your business's future.


Protect your company and position for longterm viability.
Being that TrueNorth is a closely held, privately held company, our team has a unique perspective on how to structure and leverage corporate-owned financial assets and related investment tools.

Modernize compensation programs to resonate with those you're trying to attract and retain to differentiate your business from the competition.

Retaining key talent has always been tied to the success of your business, and now in the midst of the "Great Resignation," it's essential. Companies with a long-range lens must design extraordinary solutions to attract, retain and reward key talent.

Exclusive tax reduction strategies for today and tomorrow.

Business owners live with risk and reward. We can help you harmonize your personal planning with your corporate planning, in a balance sheet-friendly manner.
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