Protect your culinary passion: Tailored insurance solutions for restaurants with a taste for security.

TrueNorth’s hospitality team stands as your unwavering safeguard, supporting financial security, protecting against unforeseen challenges, and allowing you to focus on what you do best – crafting exceptional dining experiences.

TrueNorth controls risk within restaurants by:

Comprehensive Risk Review | We start by identifying your operation’s largest exposures.

Safety Culture Implementation | We help foster a safety culture that demonstrates how important worker well-being is to the restaurant's ownership group.

Claims Advocacy | Our team will review claims to facilitate the best outcome for your company on first- and third-party claims, as they relate to contracts, coverage, and federal and state statutes.

Health Insurance Optimization | TrueNorth optimizes employee benefit programs to reduce employee turnover via easing access to cost-effective healthcare.

Contract Review | We offer education on the additional risk you assume by contract and can advise on when to push back and when to purchase specific coverage or endorsements that respond to the verbiage included in these agreements.

As one of the nation’s top insurance brokers, TrueNorth also offers a wealth of resources to help you protect your restaurant operations, including but not limited to:

    • Property Insurance
    • Directors & Officers
    • Employment Practice Liability
    • Equipment Breakdown Insurance
    • Liability Insurance
    • Business Interruption Insurance
    • Liquor Liability
    • Food Contamination/Food Spoilage
    • Workers Compensation
    • Event Insurance
    • Auto Insurance
    • Cyber


    At TrueNorth, we work with you to understand your unique risks and tailor insurance solutions to meet your precise needs. Our specialists are skilled in helping you protect and maximize your assets, resources, and opportunities, so you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

    Contact our team today to see how we can protect your portfolio, development, or new purchase.