Relying on your cyber insurance policy as the sole method of managing cyber risk is an inadequate strategy.

It’s crucial to understand your organization’s unique exposure to cyber risks to know how to safeguard your data.

Things to consider when evaluating Cyber insurance:

  • Limits on coverage: Policies often have caps on the amount they will pay out -potentially leaving you under-insured.
  • Exclusions: Some policies exclude specific acts, leaving crucial risks unprotected.
  • Emerging threats & rapidly evolving risks: Organizations may be vulnerable to new types of attacks that weren’t anticipated when the policy was written.

Having an effective digital protection strategy could be the difference between remaining operational, or facing bankruptcy.

TrueNorth’s Digital Risk Solutions team is designed to address these concerns by integrating cyber insurance into a holistic cybersecurity program to protect your organization. Our team can provide a thorough analysis of your organization’s current cyber hygiene. We will identify gaps in protection, compare your exposure against others in your industry, and lay out a roadmap prioritizing recommendations to improve your cybersecurity posture.

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